Producer, Director, Marketing & Communications Specialist

According to Wikipedia, the term "Dog and Pony Show" is a colloquialism used in the United States in the late-19th and early-20th centuries to refer to small traveling circuses that toured through small towns and rural areas.
The name derives from the common use of performing dogs and ponies as the main attractions of the events.

We all know, with a wink and a nudge, the modern meaning of a Dog and Pony Show. Me? I'm inspired by the original and pattern my work after those mini-traveling extravaganzas. I may not move from town to town with a dog and pony, but I do work hand-in-hand with each client to create something of a communications experience.

Dog and Pony Communications went on the road in 1994 and continues to delight clients and audiences alike. It started with film and video but today my repertoire includes any format, technology or medium you can imagine because at the heart of it all, it's still just communication. And now, I invite you to open the curtain and step inside. No tickets necessary. This show is free. Enjoy, and if you see something that inspires you, call me and together we will create a show of our own.

The dog, the pony and Julie have moved to Eastown to join their friends at 8Legged Monster! Come Along!

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