Image Campaign (Davenport University)

After our first successful TV campaign, the folks at Davenport started getting into the whole advertising thing. An image campaign was next on the agenda but again the question was…what do we do?

It came out during a routine meeting that DU had three distinguished deans of its three schools…an internationally renowned Epidemiologist, a technology expert who cut his teeth by putting At&t on the internet and a business expert born in Ghana and raised in four countries who approached business education with a world vision. This little known fact seeded the next successful campaign. It didn’t hurt that all three deans were fascinating to listen to and quite attractive…now that makes for good TV.

As a secondary objective, the campaign needed to drive people to the DU website. Each spot introduced a dean and led into an interview that we concluded on It worked like a charm and all three deans became campus celebrities overnight.


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