Fall Recruiting 2010 (Davenport University)

While I neither conceived or directed this ad, it is a significant addition to my portfolio from a producer’s side of things.

I had never done stop motion animation before…not even in college with little clay figures. That’s something boys did. We girls took rock music with overly serious lyrics and cut it together with shots of sunsets and footprints in the sand being washed away by the waves. This would be new territory for me and not for the faint of heart given a limited budget and weeks (not months) before air.

So how do you confront the unknown? I don’t know about you, but I called one of those boys who DID monkey with clay-mation in college. Hired him as my animation director and jumped feet first into the fire. The result actually came in under budget and ahead of schedule.

What a learning experience and a great opportunity. Just goes to show ya, you CAN teach an old..older dog new tricks even post graduation.


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