Spring Recruiting 2009 (Davenport University)

This campaign started with one objective on the client’s behalf…show students. My objective was to show real students in real settings as opposed to posing student actors in fake situations. The challenge was coming up with a shooting technique that had some style but was totally unobtrusive so we wouldn’t disrupt classes and so the students would ignore us and let us capture them doing what students do naturally…similar to shooting wildlife for National Geographic.

I’ve always been a fan of Super 8. It was my format of choice in college. Over the years I have kept track of the companies that still support the format hoping there would come a time I’d return to my roots. Well here was my chance. Super 8 has a style all its own, it’s low-tech and the equipment does little to impress anyone under the age of 35. So we were able to move in and out of study areas freely and quickly without drawing too much attention to ourselves…except I’d forgotten how loud those camera motors are. Anyway, it was a fun process and taught me that, yes, you can go back again.


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