Spring Recruiting 2008 (Davenport University)

After celebrating the completion of a successful winter image campaign at a local restaurant, the folks at DU walked me to my expired parking meter and said, “Hey….that was fun. Let’s do it again. How about a spring recruiting spot.”
“Yeah,” chimed in another, “we’ve got a little money leftover in the budget and 3 weeks until the recruiting season begins. Whaddayasay?”
“Gulp.” I replied. “I think I see a traffic cop nosing around my car.” Considering the ensuing ticket I would soon be responsible for, I cried out enthusiastically, “Count me in!”

So once again, we turned to the drawing board. Thank goodness for laptops, good software and vector art on the internet. Season with music and narration and voila…you’ve made a tv spot.

It really is a heck of a lot of fun.

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