Mark di Suvero at Liberty Plaza Park (Spacetime CC Inc.)

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Liberty Plaza Park, a spot facing Ground Zero at the NW corner, was used as an emergency staging area for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association) and the DDC (New York City Dept of Design & Construction) for the World Trade Center recovery effort.

Today the renovation of that spot into an urban oasis of sorts, symbolizes the rebirth of Lower Manhattan and New York City since that tragic day.

Famous New York philanthropist and President Emeritus of the Museum of Modern Art, Agnes (Aggie) Gund, supported the renovation with her purchase and donation of Mark di Suvero’s famous 70’ sculpture, Joi de Vivre.

The piece was delivered from its place at the Storm King Art Center and installed on a Friday night in November of 2006. I was hired by Mark himself to document the installation. The process began at sunset and was completed by sunrise the next day. For cameraman, Cal Vruggink and I, it was our only visit to Ground Zero and one neither of us will ever forget.

Special note: Joi de Vivre can also be seen in the Dog and Pony video on di Suvero at Storm King produced one year before the sculpture was moved to NYC.

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